Ever time I set out on a new type adventure I have fun. This one was quite unexpected, but was perhaps the most ridiculous and enjoyable journey of all. It began as a way of combining favorite glyphs from my existing fonts. Then I began again and did it with texture, which is more appropriate given the haphazard nature of this mashup. The fonts used are Blackout, Didactic, Ostrich Sans, Porter Sans, and Upstater. I actually went through and made the ink/pressed version of each of those fonts (Porter Sans Ink made it to my site and the rest are on the way). Because of that, repeating letters (like “tt” and “ss” among many others) have ligatures containing unique characters. *note about ligatures in the type tester: they do not work, which is a limitation of the technology I am using, and is why I have included a picture below showing some of the features (generated in Photoshop CS5)* The download includes OTF/TTF files, a license for 5 workstations, and I’m 100% okay with you using it as a webfont. It is only 1 style/weight, but a mighty fine one, but a mighty fine one. I almost named it the All Caps All Stars but that seemed like the obvious choice (so here we are with a name that’s difficult to say/type). Check it out in the shop.

note: this is a full-size screenshot of a webfont version of Typocopia I made using Fontprep.


ligatures-typocopia coolyour-typocopia