The Jonah Font! A collaboration with my son. I’m often experimenting with letters at home, wondering if they’ll work on a screen. But I was surprised when Jonah told me he was going to work on a font. His penmanship is better than mine was at 12 (he’s 8). So he went to his desk with a piece of paper and came back with a fun alphabet, with some basic punctuation and numerals. I didn’t realize how well it would work in various styles until I scanned his paper and started to experiment on the computer.

The original work by my eight year old son.

Sure, some things were backwards, but that’s pretty easy to fix in Illustrator. Aside from flipping glyphs, I didn’t modify his characters much beyond some simplification in complex paths and thin areas. Once I completed the translation of his original outlined version two other styles were just begging to be made.

uncombined-samples uncombined-glyphsgood

That’s it! Three styles: solid, mix, outline. Above is everything we made, so no international support and minimal punctuation. The download includes each style as a ttf file and a webfont kit. All Uncombined sales go to Jonah’s savings account at our local credit union.

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