Yeezy Display – The Kanye Font

I guest lectured and held a type design workshop at Syracuse University in February 2015 where the assignment was to create a typeface inspired by/named after a professor. I thought it’d be fun to do that myself. Kanye has a lot of material to work with (the dude produced/produces for other people, has a billion hits of his own, a clothing line, etc), and I planned on Yeezy Display being the first of several celebrity inspired typefaces, the others in mind being Quentin Tarantino and Aubrey Plaza. It’s a typeface inspired by and made for Kanye (not that he requested it or anything). I present to you, the website that I designed and coded for the font I made (unsolicited) for only Kanye West:

go to

Use the type tester here to preview Yeezy Display. And don’t leave before watching at least 20 seconds of a lyric video I made using Yeezy Display for the song Bound 2.