When I Said I’d Give Away My Font

I’ll keep this post really short, since these sit rips are becoming more common and less cool/flattering. In the past two months I’ve seen four identical versions of my site (but with my name/stats/work swapped out with theirs) and one that I have a hunch started as a copy/paste of my site, but luckily with original imagery (which almost stings more, but eh)…as of 5 minutes ago, the only site that still stands is this: http://www.nazmulalam.com/delta/

Look familiar?

I’ll post screenshots soon since three of the four (five?) offenders have removed “my” site. One even responded to my email (which has awesomely been replaced with this: http://gurdeepubhi.com ). I guess I’m writing this up now because I’m working on two sites which will launch soon that, in my opinion, are cooler than sursly.com. So I’m expecting them to get ripped.

They’re both 1-pagers and though they don’t use the same lead-through method that my current site does, they do everything else better/cooler.

Back to finishing the first of the two…