One day at AWP I took a few hours to conceptualize and design a new kind of text overlay app. That’s the cool thing about that shop. A week later Scott had a working prototype. We made Piction simple and minimal with the intention of creating a beautiful finished product with no hassle. I also designed and coded the website to do two things: show you what is possible with the app, and get you to the app store as easily as possible.


I was excited to make a super simple website to go with the minimalist app. I used photos that I took over the past year (and one of Christopher’s photos as well). You’ll experience one of five experiences when you visit pictionapp.com (see below)


I’ve had a lot of fun seeing other people’s Pictions (OPP!) on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve been doing a day of the week on and off for a while now. Keep an eye out as we’re constantly going to improve it (don’t worry, already working on updates and some subtle new features).